Change the way people think and interact with storage and furniture products

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Way Basics is changing the way people think and interact with storage and furniture products. Its furniture is made from our patented zBoard material, which takes nothing from the environment, is over 60% lighter than wood-engineered boards, and is just as strong. Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and VOC-free Way Basics is safe for your home and our earth. Completely modular and easy to assemble, its products meet your needs for ease, convenience, value, creativity and sustainability. Way Basics requires no tools, no hardware, and no headaches. Simply peel the adhesive strip, stick the boards together, and you’re done. Enjoy building possibilities with Way Basics!

Believe in treating everyone as if they were our friend, protecting our environment as if it were our home, and finding creative solutions to challenges. Every product is built with you in mind, inspiring you to build your own possibilities!

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