Life at Cirkle

We believe in the potential of our employees and their dreams.

Work at Cirkle

With thousands of clients, skilled & dedicated teams of Kind, project managers.

Creativity, Vision, Growth, Goals, Innovation and Success– these are first priorities of our Cirkle Studio Culture. We believe in the value of Hard Work, Passion and Determination. We believe that “Happiness gets double if it shares more and more.” For completing this we do celebrate annual function, seminars, birthday celebration, festivals such as Diwali, Christmas and many more. By celebrating these, our employees get fun and boost their knowledge and mind power that focus in work.

Work at Cirkle like work as a team and a family that is our prior strength. We believe that- “A team can achieve target what they decide.” We believe that “Whatever we gather from outside, we share it equally as individual and that is make us a team.” Cirkle Studio always stand in and as “Helping Hand” towards the success of all whether it is about clients or employees. Our working nature is like encourage, admire, aspire, spend dedication in terms of achieve a common goal. While working, we help each other to recognize their core strength and skills for their individual growth. Therefore, we give suggestion likewise technical training in-house and also conduct motivation seminar in order to keep our employees up to date which help them in boosting their skills. Information sharing sessions reliably reinforce the muscles of Cirkle Studio.

Pepole In Group


“Company does not run employees, employees run the company.” Consequently, We provide accessibility on different approaches to keep them energetic and healthy.


World-class Projects

Things that gain information we never abandon it since we cherish challenge and do conceptualizing in it. Subsequently, we generally attempt to get projects that is improve knowledge and ability which we can utilize in small projects.


Great team

We begin extensively, producing ideas and pushing the limits before sharpening in.


Flexible Schedule

We never estimate how much hours do our employees do in time period, we always focus on what gets done within spending time. Hence, our team has flexibility for work schedule.

Herbal Medicine

Healthy Lifestyle

We encourage our team to improve their stamina and stay healthy by sports and outdoor activities. “ First happiness is in health”


Employee First

We organise trips accordingly to keep team out of stress, that we believe work gets done spotly.


Office Space

You’ll be treated to a sleek work desk in our open-concept office that will allow to work without having any kind of pain.

Employee Speaks

We are always ready to listen first in favour of our employees. They come out with their feedback and that is important for organisation’s growth. Feedback gives new idea to implement new rules.

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