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best discount app shopify

Automatic Discount App Shopify is best used for both merchants & customers looking for more profit. Customers buy more when they get a discount. Merchants get profits based on sales. Using bundle products or discount offers, Merchants can motivate customers to purchase multiple items instead of one.

Discount = More Sale = More Profit

Why use multiple apps when you have multiple discount features available under one of the best discount app Shopify called All In One Automatic Discount

Best Automatic Discount App Shopify allows you to manage Bundle + Volume + Wholesale/General + Free Gift + BOGO + Cart Conditional + Post Purchase Discount offers together. No need for different apps for different discounts.

Upcoming Features Analytics

Recently launched the new features and now Our App works with Shopify POS:

  • All discount offers work together
  • You can set the priority of the discount. If the same product is on two different discount rules. Based on priority discount will be applied
  • Schedule Bundles/Discount for BF or CM
  • Buy more pay less – using Volume discount
  • We are not creating any duplicate variants of your products
  • Compatible with default currency converters
  • Set Discount Rule (Price Discount, % OFF, Sale product on this price)
  • Set Conditions like (Min Qty, Min Cart subtotal, Customer tags)
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Offer applies + free shipping

How to add Multiple Automatic Discounts in Shopify:

The All In One Automatic Discount allows you to add multiple automatic discounts + discount codes in Shopify, ranging from automatic discounts to discount codes, giving your customers not only the benefit of all the savings but also an easy way to refer them at any time when they make a purchase. The All in One Automatic Discount app is a neat way to create multiple discounts in Shopify.

We offer discount code features with unique features like the below:

  • Create a discount code with % off / Fixed price discount + free shipping.
  • Create discount code based on customer tag.
  • Single discount code with different % discounts based on collection or minimum subtotal threshold.

Unbelievable features that make this app unique

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Post-purchase offer:

Using Post-purchase app extensions, give merchants the ability to add post-purchase upsell directly into the Shopify checkout. A post-purchase page displays an offer to a buyer after their order is confirmed, but before the thank you page. Users can include the product in the order without making another checkout.

One app includes different offers:

  • Post-purchase offer
  • Bundle Product Discount
  • Volume Discount
  • Wholesale Discount
  • BOGO Discount
  • Cart Conditional Discount

We offer all types of discounts within a single app.

How to Discount Products on Shopify

You can manually set sales prices on individual products without using a discount code.

When you put a product on sale at a lower price, you may want your customers to be able to see the original price so they can compare prices. To display a sale price in your online store, your product details must include a sale price as well as the original price, referred to as the compare at price. For more in detail click here.

Pro Tips: You can also offer discounted prices to customers at checkout by creating a discount code. This does not affect the display prices of your products.

Free to Install

If you need any help then we are available on Live chat or contact us via email or book a call for support.

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