Best Shipping App for Shopify Store with Local Delivery & Store Pickup.

best shipping app

Best Shipping App allow customers to select delivery date and time or schedule pickup. Add a cut-off time for each day. APP manages orders on the order listing page + calendar with order status. The shipping rate can modify based on the customer’s selected day of the week. Control shipping price based on the same day, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow date selected.

Best Shipping Apps Solution, Advance Shipping rules based on products, Delivery Date, and Zip codes/Postcode.

Store Pickup(Click & Collect) + Local Delivery + Order Delivery Date

  • Unlimited locations create.
  • Store pickup location with Google MAP.
  • Control holidays, and weekends and set up different available times for each day of the week.
  • Min And Max Interval Days.
  • Product Selection for Store Pickup & Local Delivery.
  • Zipcode restriction for Local Delivery.
  • Translate app to store language.
  • Limit order per day.
  • Order tagging.
  • Order conditions.
  • Order update(Out of delivery, Ready for pickup) by email.

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Shipping Rates by Zip Code:

APP features require carrier-calculated shipping defined by Shopify for your store to retrieve shipping rates from external sources.

  • Based on Zip code, Products, Cart total, quantity, weight, surcharge, percentage base calculate the shipping price on Shopify checkout.
  • The app supports all the countries like the US, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Australia, etc…
  • Rate modifier to update rate based on conditions like order total, customer address, the cart has the item, etc… Ex: Restrict PO BOX shipping.
  • Display duplicate rate with updated title and price.
  • Shipping rate/Zipcode validator on the product page.

If you have the multi-location origin of the product for your store, You can set shipping based on the product’s origin.

You can set conditional logic for shipping rate based on Order Price, Item Weight, Item Qty, Product Selection (Here you can set different shipping for each product), and so on…

  • Exclude Zip codes of state/provinces.
  • You can input in 3 ways combine. comma separated(2233,2234,2235) AND range based(2200=2250) AND starts with(AB3*) and length match(PA2*##).
  • Each product-based shipping, Mix Cart shipping, Blended rate. Restrict certain products to ship available Zip codes only.
  • Display and Adjust rates using many variables and conditions.
  • Setup surcharge on Quantity/Weight.(incremental rate).
  • Distance-based delivery charge using google Maps API.
  • Shipping rates by the vendor.

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