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Customize Contact Form allows you to drag and drop fields to design your form. You can quickly add fields, move them to form and make them mandatory if necessary.

In this Custom Contact Form app you can set up email-specific autoresponder emails, and form settings are easy to use. You can distribute the form data to many people and customize the BCC field to suit your needs.

We allow you to customize the sender’s email address as well as the content.

Shortcodes or static HTML can be used to Customize the Contact Form. Because this application does not use a third-party iframe, it does not affect the speed at which the website loads.

Add Conditional Email:

Simply enter the email address when creating the field, and the form will send an email depending on the selection of the select box, checkbox, or radio button.

This program can be used to create the following types of forms:

  • Upload a file to the contact form
  • Customer Forms with tags
  • Conditional Fields in a Logical Form
  • Survey Form
  • Form with Multiple Steps
  • Field Dependency in a Quiz Form
  • Product Out of Stock Form
  • Inquiry Form for Wholesale
  • Sales Form
  • Form to Register for an Event
  • Form for Customer Feedback
  • Assessment/Audit Form
  • Job Application Form

Below are the main features of the app:

  • To create the form, simply drag and drop fields.
  • Multiple receivers can be added, as well as BCC.
  • Allows you to create numerous forms with an infinite number of fields.
  • File attachment facility up to 5MB.
  • Set the topic to dynamic using a support ID. Because your support ID is the same as the ID you used to submit your form, you may use a subject like “Support ticket ID.”
  • Duplicate Entry Prevention.
  • Designed Email Template – Good design for submitted data in the inbox by default, plus you can customize your design for inbox data.
  • ReCaptcha spam filter + Built-in Antispam – You have to add your API of Google ReCaptcha and enable the Google ReCaptcha under the form.
  • Auto Responder with thank you from the email.
  • Easily integrate Mailchimp or Klaviyo – Add the API key on the app and select your list on the form area that’s it.
  • CallBack Javascript function after data submission. You can handle an event of javascript.
  • Send data to a third-party system via a webhook URL. If you have a lead system and want submissions to be saved in it. Simply enter the URL in the Webhook URL field, and we’ll send the JSON data to that address.
  • Integrate form data with Zapier using webhook.
  • Option to display dates in the front Set the layout to display supplied data such as testimonials and comments.

How to Create a Contact Form in Shopify Store:

There is 3 step to Create a Contact form in Shopify:

  • Step 1: Log into your Shopify account and install the Custom Contact Form Builder app.
  • Step 2: Create a Contact Form in Shopify
  • Step 2: Embed Contact Form Code to Shopify (Copy and Paste)

Step 1: Log into your Shopify account and install the Custom Contact Form Builder app

Contact form app shopify app store

Step 2: Create a Contact Form in Shopify

  • You’ll be taken to the app dashboard once you’ve added the app to your store. You must now go to Forms and create a form.
Create form for shopify store
Using this application you can create different types of forms.
  • You can create Google ReCaptcha From.
  • Create a Contact Form with a File Attachment.
  • Create a Contact Form for Multiple Steps.
  • Create a Contact Form with a Responsive Design.
  • And Much More…

For More In Detail: How to Create a Custom Contact Form Builder to Shopify Store.

Customization is completely free.

If you need any form customizations, such as Step forms, Popup forms, Testimonial forms, Conditional forms, and so on, our Development Support team is happy to help. Simply contact us with your specific needs, and we’ll make it happen.

Free to Install

If you require assistance, we are available by live chat, email, or by scheduling a support call.

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