Discount types in Shopify

discounts & coupons in shopify

According to the study, 41% of internet customers use discounts and coupons to make purchases. Improving your sales and discount strategy can help you drive a significant increase in sales.

You can provide your customers with automatic discounts and discount codes created by you. Discounts can be used to promote sales, special offers, or customer loyalty. Discount codes are codes that you can create and distribute, and automatic discounts are applied during checkout and in the basket.

If you want to increase your sales revenue, you only have one option make more offers to your customers. Here’s a simple rule for increasing your sales.

Discount = More Sale = More Profit

Shopify allows you to create two types of discount offers for your customers by default.

  1. Discount Codes
  2. Automatic Offer

Discount Codes

This is the standard method for applying the discount on the Shopify checkout. Merchants can generate discount codes and share them with customers. Users can manually enter this discount code during the Shopify checkout process.

discount type in shopify app

When creating a discount code, you can include the following information:

– The duration of the code’s validity
– The maximum number of times a code may be used
– Before the code may be used, there must be a minimum order quantity.
– Which goods, collections, or versions are eligible for the discount

All Shopify plans include discount codes.

Factors to Think About When Creating Discount Codes

Review the following considerations when creating a discount code:

– A single discount code can be used on up to 100 different goods and variations.
– Each store is limited to 20,000,000 unique discount codes.
– Discount codes cannot be combined with automatic discounts.
– Avoid using special characters in the name of the discount code to guarantee that it is accurately included in your store’s checkout URL.
– Individual versions are not allowed in collections. When you add a product variant to a discounted collection, the discount is applied to all of the product’s versions.
– When you create a discount with a start and end time, the time is calculated using the time zone you chose in your Shopify admin. If your store’s time zone is New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), and you choose November 26 as the start date, your discount will begin at 12:00 a.m. NZST on November 26.

NOTE: You can use only one discount code for a single order. If you want to use multiple discount codes then you have to use an app called All In One Automatic Discounts.

All In One Automatic Discounts Shopify app

Automatic discount

This is a very good way to offer a discount. No need to add a manually discount code on the checkout but this offer is automatically applied on the cart page and checkout.

You can provide discounts to your consumers that are applied automatically at checkout and in the cart. You can create automatic discounts based on a percentage, or a fixed amount, or buy X and get Y.

Discount offer in shopify app

Before proceeding to checkout, your clients must add all qualifying items to their carts for an automated discount to be applied effectively. This includes both the things consumers must purchase to qualify for the discount and the items they will receive as part of the deal.

At any given moment, you can only have one active automatic discount. Multiple discounts cannot be applied to the same order, and automatic discounts are preferred over discount codes. Customers who have applied automatic discounts will not unable to use the discount code.

NOTE: Default automatic discount has limitations. You can enable only one automatic discount at a time. If automatic discounts apply then you can not use the discount code.

Different Types of Discount Offers to increase your revenue.

1. Bundle Discount Offer
2. Free Gift Offer
3. Volume Discount Offer/Bulk Discount Offer
4. Wholesale Discount Offer / General Discount Offer
5. BOGO Discount Offer
6. Cart Conditional Offer
7. Post Purchase Offer

By default, Shopify does not allow you to create a wholesale discount, Volume discounts, Free gift discounts, etc… If you want to create these types of offers then you have to use an app. Click Here to get the best discount app for your store.

No need to install different apps for the different offer types. Use a single app called All In One Automatic Discount with all the different types of offers including Post Purchase. If you have any questions regarding the application then here is the full documentation of it.

See the full video of the application with its introduction.