How to Optimize your Shopify Store for Ranking & Conversion

how to optimize your shopify store

Do you know that 50% of people leave the site due to page speed. Also, Pagespeed matters for your google rank and SEO.

If you have good page speed and a great SEO for your site. And if you have #rank1 on your category business then you don’t need to pay for marketing. When someone searches for something about that category, Google directly displays your site on the first-page first place. If the site is displayed in the first place defiantly users can click on it.

So let’s begin with How to Optimize Shopify Store for SEO and page speed.

1) Check Store Speed

Pagespeed is an important role in SEO. If you have the best keyword research but if your page load time is not good then users will leave the site ASAP.

As per the research if your site loads time is around 5 seconds, then it is faster than approximately 25% of the websites.

You can check your page speed by using Google PageSpeed Insights. Enter your store URL and check your page speed.

  • If your page speed is 2.5s < then it is good.
  • If your page speed is 2.5s to 4s then needs some improvement.
  • If page speed is 4> then it’s poor page speed.

For the page speed, we have to follow the below steps.

  • Optimize the HTML/CSS/javascript code
  • Minify the HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Image optimize

In Shopify, if you want to optimize your Shopify store images you can install an application called SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed. Using this application you can optimize your store images very quickly.

2) Do Keyword Research and alt on all your images

Why keyword research is very important?

The search engine must pick a small number of pages from hundreds of thousands of potential websites for each search from which to display results. The best and most relevant matches for each search will be chosen by the search engine algorithms.

You must carefully choose your keywords if you want the search engines to recognize and display your website in the search results for the most relevant keyword searches.

Image Alt tag is a good way of SEO. You can add alt manually on all your image of the store or you can use the application called SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed. Using this application you can add the alt on three main pages product page, collection page, and blog post.

Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool

After creating your initial list of probable keywords, you may use them to do online tool searches for further terms. Although there are several paid and free tools available for keyword research, Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is one of the most popular ones.

To find out more about a term’s monthly search volume, degree of competition, and connected search terms, you may do keyword searches utilizing the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

3) How to Optimize Shopify Store Structure

The content you organize is important for SEO success.

Once the user is land on your store and finds the things easily by category then the user spends more time on your store + checking different pages will help your search engine rankings.

How can you make your site easy to navigate?
Please don’t create too many categories but create categories based on the needs.

A simple site structure is good for search engines to crawl your site.
A simple structure is like the one below.
Home >> Category >> Products

You have to add two important pages to your store.

i) About Us
ii) Contact Us

You can add the form, Map, and contact details on the contact page. For form, you can use an app called Custom Contact Form Builder. Using this application you can easily create the form based on your requirement and set it on your page.

You can set file attachments, Multiple receivers, and set conditional receivers as well. Like if you select sales then the email goes to [email protected] if you select technical then the email goes to [email protected]

iii) Faqs and Helpdesk

You can create a FAQ with categories of questions that would be good to find the answer to easily.

You can create that page using custom code or you can use a great application called FAQs, Helpdesk, Chat, and WhatsApp. With this application, you can get various method user can connect with you like WhatsApp, Phone calls, Messages, and Contact Forms.

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4)How to Optimize Shopify Store for Mobile-Friendly

Now a day around 65% of users used their mobile to purchase online. Just make sure your site is mobile-friendly (responsive). Responsive means nothing but when the user opens your site on any device or any browser the content display properly.

Click here to get the free responsive theme from Shopify.

5) Use the Best SEO Apps to Optimize your Shopify Store.

Below I listed some of the other applications for SEO and marketing.

  1. SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed (by AVADA)
  2. BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER (by Booster Apps)
  3. Search Me: Speed & SEO Booster (by Secomapp)
  4. Yoast SEO ‑ SEO for everyone (by Yoast)
  5. AVA Email Marketing,SMS,Pop up (by AVADA)
Let’s take a detailed look at how to optimize your Shopify store with Shopify apps:

SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed (by AVADA):

AVADA SEO Suite is the most featured SEO app that will help you outrank your competitors in search results.

Key Feature:

  • Improve website loading speed.
  • Faster Google index of the website content and images.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Google Structured Data/Google Snippets.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support.
  • Redirect 404 Page.


  • Free: Free to Install.
  • Pro: $29 Per Month.

Install Now


This app will ensure that you are set for on-page SEO success which is a key element. When it comes to technical SEO, this app constantly monitors and optimizes your Shopify store to make sure you’re following Google’s best practices.

Key Feature:

  • Optimize Organic Traffic.
  • Bulk Optimize and compress your store images.
  • Optimized image ALT tags.
  • Receive weekly SEO Health Reports
  • Automatically Redirect Broken Links.
  • AutoPilot feature to fix SEO issues.


  • Free: Free to Install.
  • Pro: $34 Per Month.
  • Premium: $64 Per Month.

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Search Me: Speed & SEO Booster (by Secomapp):

SEO Booster is built for a long-term relationship with you. Each SEO plan is tailored to the size of your business and the way it grows: a free plan with a set of values to get started is available forever.

Key Feature:

  • Auto Compress Images of the Store.
  • Control 404 Links with the auto fix.
  • Improve Loading Speed of Mobile Pages.
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience.
  • Auto SEO issues scan and suggestions
  • Full JSON-LD: Hot and all free


  • Free: Free to Install.
  • Pro: $39 Per Month.
  • Unlimited: $79 Per Month.

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Yoast SEO ‑ SEO for everyone (by Yoast):

Yoast SEO makes doing SEO for your online store easy for everyone. It makes sure your online store meets the highest technical SEO standards, without you having to do a thing. And it guides you with making your product pages and blogs findable and easy to read.

Key Feature:

  • Optimize your Content
  • Generate rich structured data/schema.org output.
  • Google and Social preview.
  • Easily Optimize your Metadata.


  • Yoast SEO: $19 Per Month.

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AVA Email Marketing,SMS,Pop up (by AVADA):

AVADA Marketing Automation – Follow and convert your customers via omnichannel: email marketing, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp.

Key Feature:

  • 100+ Email Templates for any seasons.
  • Easy lead Capture with popup, spin to win.
  • Track abandoned carts in Real Time.
  • Proven email workflow that is ready to use.
  • Various automation triggers
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SMS Conversion.


  • Free: Free to Install.

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6) Upsell and cross-sell your products

To increase conversions on your store, you can implement cross-selling and upselling techniques. It means offering your customers additional products on top of what they’ve added to cart or offering them an upgraded version of the added product. You can upsell not only products from your catalog but also services: extended warranties, gift packaging, etc. 

Shopify apps can help you automate this process. The Candy Rack app includes a number of predefined templates for upselling. After you choose one, you can customize the look and feel of your upsell pop-up: modify colors, buttons, wordings, etc. You set what products to cross-sell and under what conditions, or you can let the AI algorithm do the job for you and automatically select the most suitable cross-sell.

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