Shopify Discount Code Popup: Ultimate Guide to Attract Customers

Shopify Discount Code Popup

Shopify discount code popups are a powerful feature for eCommerce businesses, especially those that use the Shopify platform. These popups are meant to give customers special deals and discounts that encourage them to buy.

Shopify merchants can increase sales and conversion, improve customer loyalty, and get customers to come back by using the power of popups.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Shopify discount code popups. We’ll talk about everything you need to do to make an effective Shopify discount code popup strategy, from making tempting offers to making popups that catch people’s eyes.

We will also talk about the best ways to set up and launch your popups, measure how well they work, and make sure they have the most impact possible.

This guide will help you unlock the full potential of discount code popups and take your eCommerce business to the next level, whether you are new to Shopify or a seasoned pro. So, let’s dive in and look at how you can use this powerful tool to get more customers, increase conversions, and grow your business.

Benefits of Using Shopify Discount Code Popups:

Here, we’ll explore three key benefits of using Shopify discount code popups and examples of how they can be implemented to achieve those benefits.

Benefit #1: Increases Conversion Rates:

Shopify Discount code popups can increase conversion rates significantly, especially for first-time customers who need a little extra push to buy. Merchants can persuade customers to buy something they might have been hesitant to by providing them with a special discount or promotion.

For example, a Shopify merchant can use a Shopify discount code popup that offers new customers 10% off their first purchase.

Customers who aren’t sure if they want to buy can be pushed to do so by this kind of promotion. By giving them an extra reason to buy, the store can make it more likely that they will become paying customers.

Benefit #2: Encourages Repeat Customers:

Shopify Discount code popups are also a good way to get customers to come back. By giving existing customers special discounts and deals, a business can encourage them to come back and make another purchase, which will increase customer loyalty and the lifetime value of a customer.

According to a Business study, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers, making it important to keep existing customers.

By giving existing customers a discount code, you can get them to buy again and increase their lifetime value.

A survey done by Invespcro found that 68% of respondents said coupons or discounts made them more likely to buy again, and 82% said they were more likely to buy if a discount was offered.

For example: A Shopify merchant can use a pop-up discount code that offers to return customers 20% off their next purchase.

This can be a strong incentive for customers who have already bought from the store. By offering a special discount, the store can thank the customer for their business and persuade them to come back.

Benefit #3: Increase Average Order Value:

Shopify Discount code popups help boost average order value, encourage repeat business, and increase conversion rates. According to studies by convince and convert have shown that customers who receive a discount code spend more on average than those who don’t.

A Shopify merchant can take advantage of this by using a pop-up discount code that gives customers a discount or a free gift when they spend a certain amount.

This encourages customers to add more items to their carts so they can spend enough to get the discount.

For example, a Shopify merchant could set up a discount code popup that gives customers a free gift when they spend more than $100.

This can be a strong incentive for customers who are close to the threshold because they will probably add more items to their cart to get the free gift.

In the end, this makes their purchase worth more, which is suitable for both the customer and the merchant. So, if you’re wondering how to increase average order value, here it is.

Discount Code Popup vs. Coupon: Which is Better for Your Shopify Store?

Shopify Discount code popups and coupons are well-liked marketing techniques used by Shopify merchants to draw in customers and increase sales. But each has pros and cons, and it’s important to figure out which one is best for your store.

As stated above, Shopify Discount code popups are messages on a website that offer a discount or promotion in exchange for a certain action, like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

The discount is typically applied through a code that the customer can enter at checkout. Coupons, on the other hand, are vouchers that customers can use in-store or online to get a discount or free item.

One benefit of using Shopify discount code popups is that they are more flexible than coupons. With a discount code, a store can offer a variety of deals, such as free shipping, a percentage off on a total purchase, or a free gift with the purchase.

This lets stores make their promotions fit their goals, like increasing sales during a slow season or getting rid of old stock. Coupons, on the other hand, are usually only good for a certain discount or item, making them less flexible and requiring more planning.

Shopify discount code popups are also easier to track than coupons. Merchants can use analytics tools to see how many customers used the discount code, what they bought, and how it affected sales overall.

This information can help businesses improve their marketing plans and learn more about what customers want. On the other hand, it can be harder and take more time to keep track of how physical coupons are used.

On the other hand, coupons may be more appealing to some customers, especially those who prefer physical vouchers or are hesitant to enter a discount code at checkout.

Coupons can also be shared through newspapers, mailings, or social media, reaching a larger audience than just discount code popups.

Ultimately, a merchant’s decision to use Shopify discount code popups or coupons will depend on their objectives and the people they are trying to reach.

Although coupons can be distributed through different channels and are more adaptable and easier to track, Shopify discount code popups may be more appealing to some customers. It’s important to try both strategies and keep track of how well they work to see which one works best for your store.

How to Create Shopify Discount Code PopUps:

Step #1: Choose a Shopify App:

The first step in creating a discount code popup on Shopify is to choose an app or tool to help you do it. Many options are available on the Shopify app store, including free and paid apps.

One app that we recommend is AIOD – All Automatic Discount, which allows you to create customizable and targeted Shopify discount code popups.

AIOD – All Automatic Discount is an all-in-one discount app that offers a range of features to help you increase sales on your Shopify store. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and manage discount codes and popups.

With the AIOD discount app, you can create customized Shopify popup codes that match your store’s branding and design.

Step #2: Customize the Design:

Customizing the look of your Shopify popup discount code box is important if you want to attract and keep customers. To get people to take advantage of the discount, your popup should match your store’s branding and look appealing.

Here are some ways to make your popup design unique:

  • Pick the right font and colors: The colors and fonts you choose for your popup design should match your store’s brand and look good to customers. Pick a font that is easy to read and fits the style of your store. Use colors that are different from each other so that your popup stands out and is easy to read.
  • Keep it simple: Your popup should be easy to understand and have a simple design. Make sure to fill your popup with enough text or images, as this can be too much for customers and cause them to ignore the offer.
  • Add pictures: Pictures can be a powerful way to get people’s attention and improve your popup. Use high-quality images that go with what you’re selling and match the look of your store.
  • Use effects and animation: Adding animation and effects to your popup can make it more interesting and likely that customers will use the discount offer. Use animations and effects that go with your store’s brand and don’t take attention away from what you’re selling.

You can change how popups look using Shopify’s built-in design tools or by changing the design theme file with CSS. However, you need technical knowledge to change the theme file, and making a mistake can break your website.

If you don’t know how to edit code, you should hire a Shopify expert to change the design of your popup.

Step #3: Set Up the Triggers:

By selecting the appropriate trigger, you can ensure that your Shopify discount code popup is displayed at the right time to the right audience, thereby increasing the chances of converting visitors into customers.

  • Time delay trigger: This trigger displays the pop-up after a set amount of time has passed since the visitor landed on your website. You can customize the time delay to suit your needs.
  • Exit intent trigger: This trigger displays the pop-up when a visitor is about to leave your website. This is a great way to catch the attention of visitors who are about to leave without making a purchase.
  • Scroll trigger: This trigger displays the pop-up when a visitor scrolls down to a certain point on your website. This is a good way to engage visitors who are already interested in your products.
  • Click trigger: This trigger displays the pop-up when a visitor clicks on a specific link or button on your website. This is a great way to target visitors already engaged with your content.
  • Pageview trigger: This trigger displays the pop-up after a visitor has viewed several pages on your website. This is a good way to engage visitors who have shown high interest in your products.

Step #4: Test and Launch the Discount Popup:

Great, now that you have created triggers for your Shopify discount code popup, it’s time to test it and launch it on your website.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Preview the discount popup: From the theme editor, click the eye icon to preview your discount popup. This will allow you to see how the popup will appear on your website.
  • Test the discount code: Make sure it works properly by testing it on your website. Add a product to your cart and apply the discount code to see if the discount is applied.
  • Launch the discount popup: Once you have tested and verified that the discount popup is working properly, you can launch it on your website. To do so, click the “Save” button at the top of the theme editor.
  • Monitor the performance of the discount popup: Keep an eye on the performance of the discount popup to see how well it’s converting visitors into customers. You can track the performance using Shopify’s analytics tools or by integrating your website with Google Analytics.

By following these steps, you can easily create and launch a Shopify discount code popup to help boost your sales and conversions.

Best Practices for Using Shopify Discount Code Popups:

Here we’ll explore four best practices for using Shopify discount code popups and provide examples of executing them effectively.

Best Practice #1: Offer a Valuable Discount:

The discount should be enticing enough to attract customers but not so much that it puts your business in a difficult financial situation. Customers are more likely to take action and purchase if the discount is significant enough to catch their attention. However, you don’t want to offer too much of a discount that it impacts your margins.

For example: If you’re a clothing store, offering a 10% discount on your products may not be enough to encourage customers to purchase. Instead, you could offer a discount of 20% or more, which would provide a stronger incentive for customers to buy.

Best Practice #2: Keep it Simple and Clear:

Ensure the message is concise and easy to read so customers can quickly understand the offer. Customers should be able to understand the offer without confusion or needing to read the small print.

For example: A simple and clear message could be “Get 15% off your order today by using code SAVE15 at checkout”.

Best Practice #3: Target-Specific Customer Segments:

You can personalize the offer by creating popups for specific groups of customers, such as first-time customers or customers who have previously abandoned their carts. You can create a more tailored experience for each customer by targeting specific customer segments.

For example: You can use Shopify’s customer segmentation feature to create a popup that targets customers who have abandoned their carts. The popup could offer a discount to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Best Practice #4: Use a Sense of Urgency:

By creating a sense of urgency, you can encourage customers to take action and purchase before the offer expires. This can be done using phrases like “limited-time offer” or “while supplies last”.

For example: A popup could offer a discount of 20% for the next 24 hours only. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to purchase before the offer expires.


In conclusion, using Shopify discount code popups can increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and encourage repeat purchases for your online store.

By giving visitors a discount code in exchange for their email address or telling them to buy, you can make them feel like they need to act quickly and encourage them to do so.

If you haven’t already added discount code popups to your Shopify store, now is the time.

A team of expert developers from Cirkle Studio can help you set up and customize your Shopify discount code popups so that they are consistent with your brand and objectives.

Get in touch with us right away to find out how we can help you improve your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A discount code popup is a marketing tool used by online stores on the Shopify platform to offer special discounts to their customers. When a customer goes to a website, a window pops up asking them to enter a discount code to get a certain deal.

Because they encourage customers to buy. They make customers feel like they need to act quickly and encourage them to use the discount before it ends. By giving discounts, stores can bring in new customers and make more money from the ones they already have.

Yes, you can use customer segmentation to target specific groups of customers with discount code popups. This lets you give customers discounts based on how often they buy, where they live, or other factors. You can use Shopify’s built-in tools for customer segmentation or a third-party app to make discount code popups that are specific to certain customers.

There are several Shopify apps that let you create popups with discount codes, but we suggest using an app like AOID – All Automatic Discounts, which lets you make discount code popups that are customized and targeted and won’t hurt your bottom line.

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