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Ghanda is a booming merchandise brand of the coastal town of Torquay, Victoria. They also have multiple outlets around Australia. This brand specifically focuses on affordable basics and fashion pieces for all ages across Men’s, Women, Teens, and Kids. Among all their collections, Surf and streetwear are very famous.

Introduction Img
  • Technology

    Angular 10

  • Built for

    Web Apps

  • Industry

    Supermarket, Stores

  • Country


Client’s Requirement

Our client who is based out from Canada is a leading cleaning company and wanted to build an enterprise product that can be deployed across various retail outlets like stores, supermarkets to ensure higher ROI and better quality when it comes to implementing cleaning services.



There is no competition for Umniah & its products in terms of providing telecommunication-related services to their Jordanian customers. However, they had trouble attracting and gaining online customers over their digital channels. They were quick to identify the underlying issues affecting their eCommerce store performance.

Their website struggled to give visitors the quick product browsing and shopping experiences that online shoppers desire.

The whole online store experience was archaic and extremely complicated, and the eCommerce store had a substantial amount of page loading or performance difficulties.

Moreover, it was very frustrating for their online shoppers to place orders for the products due to the sluggish checkout process.

Tech Specs

  • Development Environment

    Web: PHP 7.2

  • Database

    MySQL Database

  • Framework

    PHP – Laravel Framework 5.7.28

Third party Library, Plugin & Tools

  • EOD Historical Data
  • Chartist js plugin