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this festive season with us.

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It is time to start planning your website in advance since, as we all know, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are approaching. This holiday season is known for offering a wonderful opportunities for your business to boost SALES.

According to a survey, individuals spend billions of dollars at businesses of all types during the festival season every year. This is the BIGGEST shopping season of all, Let’s start stepping up for your website.

To ensure that your Shopify and WordPress store is visible, attracts new users, and maximizes the REVENUE opportunity over this holiday season. Usually, every eCommerce business has its own barriers, Thus, to avoid mistakes, and follow best practices. We're here to assist you with the following services,

Enhance UI/UX of the website

General modifications such as highlighting your top collection on the home page, improving the usability of the store's navigation and so on. 

To promote sales, create landing pages, pictures, and other creativities. 

Be prepared for increased traffic (speed optimization) Plan your sale and discounts in advance.

Notify existing customers about great festive deals.

Personalize the website to your preferences

Of course, the Festive period is for both of us; you will be offering seasonal discounts to customers, and we will offer the same to you!

  1. Referral discount for both current and potential customers:
    We will provide you with a few hours of FREE support OR tasks if you recommend our services to other clients who use them.

  2. Quantity discounts:
    The basis for quantity discounts depends on the number of monthly hours you provide us, enabling us to offer you a certain hourly rate discount. In general, the more hours you allocate, the greater discount you get.

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