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Add Shipping Rates on Shipping Zone

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Specify which rates should apply in this shipping zone. You can create multiple rates in a single zone and differentiate it using conditions.

  • Rate is enabled
    • If rate is enabled then it will show rate.
    • If rate is disabled then it will not show rate
  • Rate Name
    • Rate name will be display on the Shipping rate title.
  • Base Price
    • You can set the base price for this shipping rate. You can set it 0 if you want to use the conditional or surcharge based shipping.
    • You can add or update base rate price using base rate tire using different conditions like Order Price, Order Weight, Order Quantity, and Order Distance. Click here to set base rate tire price.
  • Description
    • You can use #number of days if you want to display the expected delivery like expected shipping is on #3, so it will add 3 days on the current date of the Shopify server and display like “Expected shipping is on 16 Mar”.

Add rate for shipping zone

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