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Change log

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  • New app plan launched
  • Singular $9.99/Month and
  • Unlimited $19.99/Month (Additional charge may apply)


  • Fix rate offer works with multi currency
  • Cart conditional offer works with collection threshold instead of cart subtotal threshold option.


  • Upsell popup button on app cart drawer
  • Update sticky button enable/Disable
  • Cart drawer sticky button enable/disable
  • Upsell sticky button enable/disable


  • Discount code in Upsell popup
  • Bogo in Upsell popup
  • Weglot lang app working
  • Side cart from the app
  • Settings
    • Side cart settings
    • Free gift popup only one time settings
    • Show bogo popup first time only settings
    • Show Free gift popup first time only settings


  • Auto add product of free gift if only has one product
  • Launch new upsell with app offer Bundle and Free Gift
  • New feature replay subtotal are with the app
  • resize BOGO image variable to display offer on product page
  • Display Total Save after subtotal


launched the new Analytics.


Discount Code

– Launch discount code for multiple use with single code
– Single discount code is used to apply different discount of different collections. Like X collection then 10%, Y collection then 20%
– Single discount code apply discount based on subtotal
Like if 100 subtotal then 10%, If 200 then 20%
– Setting to restrict the discount code. Apply only one discount on cart.


New Plan Launched


Launched Free Gift Offer

BOGO offer updates

  • Bogo popup should show until all items add to cart – With multiple offers
  • Bogo popup with No thanks link. Popup will not display after clicking on No Thanks.

Cart Conditional Offer

  • Discount apply based on Threshold from the lower to higher

Wholesale/General Offer

  • Display wholesale offer on product page

General Updates

  • Free gift discount when multiple offers generate.
  • Display discount line item wise on the cart page
  • Discount apply based on lineiteam setting
  • Currency point
  • New popup design
  • Discount applies on cheapest price product
  • Disable checkout button until code run
  • Popup close icon color settings
  • Line_item text color setting
  • Cart total discount text color setting
  • Bundle Plus icon background color setting
  • Volume Discount condition of minimum cart value


Launch General Discount


Launch BOGO Discount


Launch Wholesale Discount

  • Basic updates on design

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