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Change log

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Gave you an option to set the free gift threshold check before other discount applied or after other discount applied and before cart conditional offer.


Display the free gift suggestion on the shopify POS if cart is eligible for the free gift in POS.


New design is launched for the Admin panel


Multi Currency support with draft order


New app plan launched with fixed price no additional cost

  • Development Free Trial
  • Basic Shopify – $9.99
  • Shopify – $14.99
  • Advanced Shopify – $24.99
  • Shopify Plus – $49.99


  • Discount Code Validate By Both (1 Shopify discount + Multiple App discount codes)
    -> From now you can use the apply discount widget with option like both discount code.
    -> App allow you to apply 1 Shopify discount code from Shopify + multiple discount code by app in app widget on cart page.


  • New app plan launched
  • Singular $9.99/Month and
  • Unlimited $19.99/Month (Additional charge may apply) 1% additional cost per discounted order


  • Fix rate offer works with multi currency
  • Cart conditional offer works with collection threshold instead of cart subtotal threshold option.


  • Upsell popup button on app cart drawer
  • Update sticky button enable/Disable
  • Cart drawer sticky button enable/disable
  • Upsell sticky button enable/disable


  • Discount code in Upsell popup
  • Bogo in Upsell popup
  • Weglot lang app working
  • Side cart from the app
  • Settings
    • Side cart settings
    • Free gift popup only one time settings
    • Show bogo popup first time only settings
    • Show Free gift popup first time only settings


  • Auto add product of free gift if only has one product
  • Launch new upsell with app offer Bundle and Free Gift
  • New feature replay subtotal are with the app
  • resize BOGO image variable to display offer on product page
  • Display Total Save after subtotal


launched the new Analytics.


Discount Code

– Launch discount code for multiple use with single code
– Single discount code is used to apply different discount of different collections. Like X collection then 10%, Y collection then 20%
– Single discount code apply discount based on subtotal
Like if 100 subtotal then 10%, If 200 then 20%
– Setting to restrict the discount code. Apply only one discount on cart.


New Plan Launched
After free orders; $0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, Max cap $30 per month for this additional cost.

-> Free 100 orders per month.
-> Create any 5 Offers.
-> Create 5 Discount codes.

Here you spend maximum $9+$30 = $39 per month and get unlimited orders with limit of 5 offers.

After free orders; $0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, Max cap $50 per month for this additional cost.

-> Free 300 orders per month.
-> Create any 15 Offers.
-> Create 30 Discount codes.

Here you spend maximum $24+$50 = $74 per month and get unlimited orders with limit of 15 offers.

Free to install
$0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, max cap limit $149.00 per month.

-> Create Unlimited Offers.
-> Create Unlimited Discount codes.

This is the usage based plan. If user places an order with discounted cart then app will charge you $0.5 per discounted order, No charge for normal checkout.


Launched Free Gift Offer

BOGO offer updates

  • Bogo popup should show until all items add to cart – With multiple offers
  • Bogo popup with No thanks link. Popup will not display after clicking on No Thanks.

Cart Conditional Offer

  • Discount apply based on Threshold from the lower to higher

Wholesale/General Offer

  • Display wholesale offer on product page

General Updates

  • Free gift discount when multiple offers generate.
  • Display discount line item wise on the cart page
  • Discount apply based on lineiteam setting
  • Currency point
  • New popup design
  • Discount applies on cheapest price product
  • Disable checkout button until code run
  • Popup close icon color settings
  • Line_item text color setting
  • Cart total discount text color setting
  • Bundle Plus icon background color setting
  • Volume Discount condition of minimum cart value


Launch General Discount


Launch BOGO Discount


Launch Wholesale Discount

  • Basic updates on design

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