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23-08-2021 Mix Cart Setting

  • Local Delivery
  • Store Pickup
  • Update Plans
    • Local Delivery, Store Pickup and Delivery Date included with a BUSINESS plan
    • Local Delivery, Store Pickup and Delivery Date
      FREE Each Product Rate AddOn + Tier Rate AddOn with ENTERPRISE
  • Rate Modifier
  • Order Delivery Date


Mix Cart Setting

  • Applicable only if you set shipping rates based on product. If the cart contains some products with rate and some items without rate then default rate like weight base will come with the addition of product base rate.



  • New addons with your existing plan
  • Product Rate for each product ($2.99/month)
  • Set Base Rate Tier ($4.99/month)


Shipping Conditions

  • Remove Based on minimum and maximum weight and combine it with Based on item weight


State Selection

  • Select your state where you want to set the shipping rate.
  • You can select the state and exclude some of the ZipCodes based on your requirement.



  • Order by Day of Week You can display shipping based on the day of week.



  • Display Rate Priority
  • Product sync button under “Enable Product Base Shipping” and product Filter under based on product selection condition

Catch all rate Based on Product Selection

  • Allow you to add condition Based on Order Price or Based on Order Weight
  • You can filter your product using “Type”, “Vendor” and “Tags”


Add different shipping options with condition like

  • Based on order price
  • Based on Min and Max Weight
  • Based on item weight
  • Based on item qty
  • Based on Cart Total Percentage
  • Based on Product Selection

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