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Conditional Fields  (New Feature)

Eye icon6775 Views Watch iconApril 04, 2021

Many of our users asked for the conditional fields and here we introduce them. You can hide and show the fields based on user selection. Like if the user chooses Gender Male then display all other fields related to Male if you set the condition SelectBox = Male.

After adding your fields if you want to set the conditions for hide and show based on the selection then click on the edit field button on which you want to apply the conditional field and you will see a popup.

After enabling “Show Fields If” you will see one select box where you have to choose your field on which you want to hide and show this field.

For example, Here I hide and show this field based on Gender field so I choose Gender here. After that, You have to choose a value of that field like “Male” or “Female”.

Here I choose Female

So if the user selects “Female” on the “Gender” field then the textarea will be visible else it will be hidden.

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