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How to create Post-Purchase / AfterSell?

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Post-purchase discounts and upselling related products, which turn one transaction into two and help consumers form the habit of buying from you. Loyalty and VIP programs, which incentivize longer-term customer loyalty and turn your best customers into bigger spenders and brand advocates

For EX: This offer will tempt your customer to spend more After payment the order.

Below are the steps to create a Post-Purchase / AfterSell.

Go to Apps -> Offers ->Post-Purchase / AfterSell

Select Post-Purchase / AfterSell and Create Offer

Offer Details
Add Offer Name and different options like
=> Start date, End date, Status.

Select Priority
Bogo 1

Action Conditions

  1. All Conditions
  2. Any Conditions

Cart total Condition
Minimum Cart Total (Threshold Amount)*
=> That means user needs to spend minimum $1 for get this Post-Purchase / AfterSell offer.

Product condition

  1. Apply when any item in the cart
  2. Apply when specific item in the cart

Bogo 1

Select Products
=> Click on Add Products and select product

Select Offer Banner Titles like
=>Title Message, Subtitle Message.

Select Offer Countdown and different options like
=>Timer in minutes, Message, After time finish.

Select Upsell Product and different options like

=> Display Quantity Input, Description, Percentage Discount like % or fixed amount.

Click on + button and Select different options like
=> Countries, Shipping Price.

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