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How to Create Volume Discount?

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Volume offer refers to the usage of discounted prices to purchase a particular good in a large quantity.

Merchants can display a discount table on the product page and an offer will be applied on the cart page.

For Ex: For a bulk purchase of Product Y, $2 OFF on 50-100 units. If you purchase more like 101-150 units, $5 OFF on your product Y.

Below are the steps to create a Volume Discount.

Go to Apps -> Offers -> Volume Discount

Select Volume Discount and Create Offer

  • Offer Name, Status, Display table, and Priority

You can set the priority of the discount if one product is under more than one offer

  • Select products of different types:
    • Select Full product
    • Select a product based on the Variant
    • You can set discounts based on the collection (You can select multiple collections)
    • Apply discount based on Cart Quantity (Here it is considered full cart quantity)
  • If you select a custom product then you can manually choose your products or filter the product based on your needs

  • Select your product using add products button

  • Set your discount rule for volume discount

  • These are the option for you to set the price on discount
    • USD(Price Discount)
    • USD (Fixed Price)
    • % OFF

    Here USD (Fixed Price) is set the product price to that amount you set on offer.

    • Under extra details, You can set the scheduled date of the odder. In addition, You can set customer tags here. If you want to apply this discount to a particular group of people then you can do it.

    • Different table options for volume discount

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