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Manual Installation

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NOTE: If you have a custom theme or any other theme then first Install snippets using automatic installation and then follow the below Manual Installation steps.

First, You have to go to the themes click on the Action button and Edit Code.

Step 1.
Add below snippet to the Layout/theme.liquid file
Please add below code to Layout/theme.liquid before
{% render 'cs-subscription-scripts' %}

Step 2.
Add below code to display selling plan selector on the Product Page
To display the selling plan selector, please add the below code in sections/product-template.liquid or snippets/product-form.liquid file after <select name="id" .../>...</select> tag over.

{% render 'cs-subscription-product', product: product %}

Step 3.
If the Subscription product selling plan label does not display on the cart page then you have to add this code in the Cart Page.
If you’re using a mini cart that slides or pops out in your theme then you have to contact your theme developer to display selling plans.
To display the selling plan label, please add the below code in sections/cart-template.liquid or templates/cart.liquid file after {% assign property_size = … %} tag over.

{% render 'cs-subscription-cart',item: item %}

Step 4.
Add below code to show customer portal link to the Account Page.
To display the customer portal link, please add the below code in templates/customers/account.liquid at any desired location.

{% render 'cs-subscription-account' %}

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