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Rate Modifiers

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As per the name of the feature it will modify the rate based on various condition for the shopify shipping rate.
You can set multiple rate modifier with single rate.
rate modifier in shipping shopify

Here is the various conditions. Using that you can increase or decrees the rate of the shipping.
Order based condition
i) Day Of Order
ii) Time
iii) Price
ix) Weight
x) Quantity
xi) Distance

Delivery based condition
i) Day
ii) X days from today
iii) Type

Product based condition
i) IDs
ii) Title
iii) Tag
ix) Type
x) SKU
xi) Properties
xii) Vendor

Customer based condition
i) Zip Code
ii) Name
iii) City
xi) Address

Rate based condition
i) Rate

Once you choose the condition from the one of above.

You have to choose appropriate Operator like Equal, Does not equal, Greater than or equal, Less than or equal.
rate based shipping shopify

Set the Behaviour of this rate modifier cause you can set multiple rate modifier in the same rate.

Set the Modify Type like Fixed, Percentage, Remove Rate, Show Only

Finally set the Effect what you want with rate Increase or Decrease

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