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Shipping Rates Conditions

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You can set the condition of the shipping rate based on your requirement. You can add multiple conditions with this.
Shipping Conditions

We have four options to set the condition to display the shipping rate. You can set different conditions for the shipping based on Cart / Order(Quantity, Total, Weight, Distance, Address, Day, Time), Per Product, Delivery(Day of the week, Day Is, Date, Time In, and Type – Local Delivery, Store Pickup, Shipping).

  • Not Any Condition
    If you don’t want to add any condition then you can select this.
  • All
    If all condition is true then the system will send this shipping rate
  • Any
    If any condition is true from these conditions then the system will send the shipping rate
  • Not All
    If that condition does not match then the system will send the shipping rate.

Shipping rate condition

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