Multi Store Locator

Google map with unlimited number of Store Locations/Dealers
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Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

Find nearest store easily

Find nearest store easily

Customers can easily find nearby stores then get instant directions on Google map.

Easy to Upload Stores

Easy to Upload Stores

Merchants can easily add the store location easily or import using CSV with few steps.

Increase your Dealers Sales

Increase your Dealers Sales

Increase your sales by helping your customers find where your products are sold offline nearby. Dealers Sales = Your Sales = More Profit.

Multi Store Locator

You have number of physical stores and want to help your customers find and reach the nearby store easily. The game changer Multi Store Locator app allows you to use a highly scalable and customizable solution to help your customers find the nearby store quickly.

Easy installation

Very easy in configuration. Just need to follow a few steps and the store locator map is displayed in your store. Update the display settings as per your theme and it will look a native part of your theme.

Add unlimited locations

Add as many locations as you want, whether it’s your own store or Dealers.


Store locator map is super customizable. You can customize it based on your requirements.

  • Works on any Shopify website
  • You can easily add your Stores/Dealer locations
  • Set your own map marker
  • Set opening hours of your Store/Dealer
  • Set social media icons and website of the store address
  • Add locations anywhere in the world and setup your Store Locator in any language.
  • 4 Different layouts with 4 Different themes
  • You can set your own Custom Map styling JSON
  • Clustering Feature helps you like Map markers combined into a single cluster with a counter if the map is zoomed too much out.
  • Different options like Enable Zoom Control, Enable Scale Control, Enable StreetView Control, and many more…
  • You can set your style and preference of text and background based on your needs.

Launch date

July 27, 2021

Pricing 7-day free trial



  • Add up to 5 stores


  • Unlimited stores

* All charges are billed in USD.

** Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Multi Store Locator - Google map with unlimited number of Store Locations

Rating overview

April 20, 2023

Cut the Line

LocationUnited States

highly recommend. I am big on customer service and their service is excellence. I have not got to truly use the application, but if the customer service is great i am sure using the application my customers will love it

April 18, 2023

Bubble It Drinks


Great and reactive support from the team: a positive and constructive answer within few hours

April 1, 2023


LocationUnited States

Excellent App and customer service are the best; Chirag is the best—five stars for him and the team. Thanks.

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