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Shipping Rates by ZipCode / PostCode + Pickup + Local Delivery
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Advance Shipping rates/rules

Advance Shipping rates/rules

Shipping rates by Customer & Product/Vendor/Tag/Type. Shipping Surcharge. Shipping Zipcode check & validate. Restrict Products Shipping.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Custom Shipping Solutions

Conditions to set Custom Shipping Rates by cart total, Min-Max Weight, Qty, Surcharge and Tier rates & Rate Modifier, Distance Shipping.

Store Pickup + Local Delivery

Store Pickup + Local Delivery

Shipping and delivery: Choose date & time for Pickup Or Local Delivery. Scheduled delivery. Modify rates by today/tomorrow date chosen.

Do you want a shipping solution with store pickup and delivery date? Here is the game changer.

ShipZip: Shipping & Delivery

All in One Shipping Solution, Advance Shipping rules based on products, Order Delivery Date and Zip codes/Post code.

Store Pickup(Click & Collect) + Local Delivery + Delivery Date

Let’s allow customer to select delivery date and time or schedule pickup. Add cut-off time for each day. APP manage orders on the order listing page + calendar with order status. Shipping rate can modify based on customer selected day of week. Control shipping price based on same day, tomorrow or day after tomorrow date selected.

  • Unlimited locations create
  • Store pickup location on Google MAP
  • Control Holiday, weekends and setup different available time for each day of week
  • Min And Max Interval Days
  • Product Selection for Store Pickup & Local Delivery
  • Zipcode restriction for Local Delivery
  • Limit order per day
  • Order tagging
  • Order conditions
  • Order update(Out of delivery, Ready for pickup) by email
  • Shipping estimate/calculator
  • Suitable for businesses like Florist, Food, Grocery, Cake, Bakery, Restaurants

Shipping Rates by ZipCode

APP features requires carrier-calculated shipping defined by Shopify for your store to retrieve shipping rates from external sources.

  • Based on Zipcode, Products, Cart total, quantity, weight, surcharge, percentage base calculate the shipping price on Shopify checkout.
  • App supports all the countries like US, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Australia, etc…
  • Rate modifier to update rate based on conditions like, order total, customer address, cart has item, etc.. Ex: Restrict to PO BOX shipping.
  • Display duplicate rate with updated title and price.
  • Shipping rate/Zipcode validator on product page.

The possibilities are endless with shipping rate modification.

  • Customer tag shipping.
  • Multi Location shipping/Multi Origin shipping solution. (avoid multiply charge)
  • Adjust rates using many variables and conditions or Hide and Show the Shipping.
  • Exclude Zip codes of state/provinces
  • Input postcode 3 ways combine: comma separated(2233,2234,2235) AND range based(2200=2250) AND starts with(AB3*) and length match(PA2*##)
  • Each product based shipping, Mix Cart shipping, Blended rate. Restrict certain product to ship available Zipcodes only
  • Setup surcharge on Quantity/Weight.(incremental rate)
  • Distance based delivery charge using google map API
  • Shipping rates by vendor
  • Dry and frozen items based shipping rules
  • Integrates with Canada Post and Australia Post
  • Shipping Restriction & Control how displayed at Checkout
  • Shipping Calculator

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We know shipping is complicated, and learning the new app can be complicated. If you want a guided tour of the app tailored to your specific shipping needs, head to our website or the ‘Support’ page within the app to book a demo.

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July 30, 2020

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We understand that shipping is really complicated thing to set up. If you want a guided tour of the app tailored to your specific shipping needs please book a demo. Our technical expert will help you to set up everything or give you a brief about the application. If you want any customization as per your request, We are open to listen to you and trying our best to fulfill your requirement.

Pricing 30-day free trial



  • Shipping rates by Zipcode
  • Per Product Shipping
  • Rate Modifier, Tier Rate Pricing
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Unlimited Shipping Rates Create


  • All Features Included of Shipping rates & Delivery date
  • Distance Based Shipping Rates
  • Modify/Conditional Shipping based on Delivery Date


  • All Features for Shopify development store.
  • Shipping with test mode available for all Shopify's plans.
  • Live Chat/Email/Call support.

* All charges are billed in USD.

** Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Setup advance shipping rules & more

May 2, 2023

Beija Flor Darwin


The application is very user-friendly and manageable, thanks to its intuitive user interface. One of the best things about ShipZip is its ability to set shipping rates using postcodes. It also allows tagging of orders, which is very helpful in keeping our team organised. This app is very useful and helps increase the functionality of our online store. ShipZip offers first-class customer support, which is very important. Whether we are requesting features or technical support, their team was able to do quickly and effectively assist us. Thanks to Sid and his team.

April 25, 2023


LocationUnited Kingdom

5*****. Amazing service from Sid, who practically set up our bespoke shipping requirements. So happy we found this app and Sid!

April 19, 2023

DK Wholesale Ltd

LocationUnited Kingdom

Great application, really makes handling lots of shipping parameters easy. Also has fantastic customer support.

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