7 Best Shopify Catalog Apps to Impress Your Customers

best shopify catalog apps to impress your customers

Looking for the best Shopify catalog apps? Follow this blog post to discover the best options available in the app store with detailed comparisons.

A digital catalog is a great way to improve your products’ visibility and reach more customers. In Shopify, you can create stunning digital catalogs for your products using third-party apps. But the number of options available in the store can overwhelm you.

Therefore, we shortlisted the top seven Shopify product catalog apps that you can choose from.

We’ve shortlisted these apps based on the following criteria:

  • Important customization options
  • Ease of use and catalog quality
  • In-built templates or ready-made designs
  • Overall reputation & reliability of the developer

Let’s get started and see how the top catalog apps for Shopify compare:

Name of AppStarting PriceKey Feature
Meetanshi PDF Product CatalogFree version availableHighly customizable PDF catalogs and 15+ layouts
All-In-One Wholesale Catalog$25 per monthAdvanced ZINation studio for catalog creation and management
Hukify ‑ PDF Catalog Printer$9.99 per monthCreate flipbooks from the catalogs
Catalog MachineFree plan availableCustomizable templates to create product catalogs
Optim Feed – Facebook Catalog$29.99 per monthQuick create catalog feed for Facebook
Zoko WhatsApp Catalog & API$4.99 per monthSynchronize Shopify products with the WhatsApp catalog
Catalog Maker by Now In StoreFree to install. Additional charges may applyCreate retail and wholesale line sheets for the products

Best Shopify Product Catalog Apps: In Details

Let’s explore each of the top Shopify apps to create product catalogs.

1. Meetanshi PDF Product Catalog:

pdf product catalog shopify app

It provides catalog layout templates, allowing you to showcase your products attractively.

Customize your catalog by selecting the information to include, adding barcodes, choosing colors, and designing cover pages, among other features.

Key Features:

  • Create customizable PDF catalogs in less than five minutes
  • 15+ ready-made catalog layouts to choose from (honestly, we loved this feature!)
  • Offer download/print PDF catalog button to customers
  • Add your branding to digital product catalogs

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2. All-In-One Wholesale Catalog:

An All-In-One Wholesale catalog app simplifies the process by quickly creating impressive catalogs. This Shopify product catalog app features an easy drag-and-drop interface.

You can create the necessary material without coding or design skills.

Key Features:

  • Offers templates for product catalogs
  • Streamlined management of images and products
  • Generate order forms using product information

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3. Hukify ‑ PDF Catalog Printer:

hukify pdf catalog printer shopify app

The Hukify PDF Catalog Printer is your ideal tool for creating PDFs for any store product.

This Shopify catalog app makes it simple to export products fully or partially by specific categories or select products.

Key Features:

  • Create beautiful flipbooks for the products.
  • Supports dynamic attributes in the catalogs.
  • Quick product catalog generation.

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4. Catalog Machine:

Catalog Machine is the best Shopify app for creating catalogs.

It lets you design professional-looking catalogs swiftly, customize templates, automate processes, and manage product data with ease.

Key Features:

  • Design professional Shopify product catalogs
  • Increase sales using tiered pricing
  • Share catalogs online with customers in PDF

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5. Optim Feed – Facebook Catalog:

optim feed facebook catalog shopify app

Optim Feed stands out among Shopify apps for crafting high-quality catalogs for Facebook, soon to include support for TikTok catalogs.

This app streamlines catalog creation, enabling XML feed catalogs.

Key Features:

  • Auto-sync products across Facebook accounts
  • Product title and vendor name customization
  • Custom labeling of product information

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6. Zoko WhatsApp Catalog & API:

Zoko is a comprehensive customer sales, marketing, and support platform for WhatsApp. Not entirely a Shopify catalog app, but it allows you to sync your store products with WhatsApp Catalog.

It can be a good choice if you’re primarily using WhatsApp Business.

Key Feature:

  • Sync your Shopify store products with WhatsApp Business
  • Automatically collect orders inside WhatsApp
  • Other features like cart recovery, chatbot, notifications, etc.

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7. Catalog Maker by Now In Store:

The Catalog Maker by Now In Store is a dynamic Shopify app that transforms how businesses create and distribute their marketing materials.

This app allows even those with no design experience to quickly produce high-quality, professional-looking digital and printable catalogs, line sheets, and order sheets.

Note: This app is free to install, however, it requires a paid subscription to the service, which starts at $89 per month.

Key Features:

  • Generate eye-catching digital and printable catalogs
  • Automatically create barcode labels and inventory tags (EAN, UPC, QR Code)
  • Easily download product pages as PDFs

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Marketing Ideas Using Shopify Product Catalogs:

There are many ways to use catalogs to market your store. Here are the ways you can use the product catalog app in Shopify to grow your business:

Create Catalogs for Resellers:

Product catalogs are helpful for wholesalers and manufacturers. You can create a product catalog in Shopify for your resellers and distributors with special prices.

For example, the Meetanshi PDF Product Catalog can create catalogs with increased or decreased prices than the store.

Let’s say the product price in the Shopify store is $100. If you set an increase of 10% for the product catalog, then the product will be listed in the catalog with a $110 price.

Print Physical Product Catalogs:

If you also have a physical outlet for your business, you can use the Shopify Product Catalog app to generate PDFs of your products and print them. It can be helpful to showcase all the products in your inventory to the customers.

The physical catalogs from the Shopify store can also help train your sales team with product knowledge, such as descriptions, available variants, prices, etc.

Share Digital Catalogs with Customers:

The digital product catalogs are easy to share with customers. You can create a PDF catalog in Shopify and share it with your customers via various channels like WhatsApp and Email.

Some product catalog apps also allow adding a download or print catalog button on the collection pages.

Our Review: What’s the Best Shopify Catalog App?

In our opinion, Meetanshi PDF Product Catalog is a clear winner against its top competitors. It has everything you need to create stunning product catalogs in Shopify.

The best part is it offers a basic free version that you can try and test before you subscribe to higher plans.

Here are the top features we love in the app:

  • Product catalog design layouts are really professional and will not disappoint you.
  • The app offers really good control over the catalog design – you can control text, font sizes, colors, backgrounds, custom covers, and more.
  • Download/Print PDF button option on the collection pages that let the customers download the catalogs directly.

Now, handing it over to you – it’s your turn to explore the Shopify catalog apps and improve the shopping experience of customers in your store.

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