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Shipping Rate based Delivery Date in shopify

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After the Delivery date widget installation in the front, you can provide the shipping based on the Delivery date widget.

Estimate and Schedule Order Delivery Date help you deliver products as per customers’ needs, and get them more likely to buy, by allowing them to choose the custom delivery date and time for their orders and get the shipping rate based on date and time.

You can set the shipping rate under the condition tab with the delivery widget.

Combining a delivery-date picker with shipping rate selection improves the customer checkout experience.

There are 4 types of conditions Match

  1. Not Any Condition
  2. All
  3. Any
  4. Not All

Under the All, Any, Not All has a dropdown to set the condition of the delivery widget. There are 5 types that you can filter.
1. Day of the week
2. Day Is
3. Date
4. Time in
5. Type

1. Based on the Day of the week of the delivery widget.

2. Based on the day of the delivery widget.

– If you set 0 then the shipping rate will apply Today,
– If you set 1 then the shipping rate will apply  Tomorrow,
– If you set 2 then the shipping rate will apply  The day after Tomorrow,
– If you set 3 then the shipping rate will apply After three days from today etc.

3. Based on the date of the delivery widget.

4. Based on the Time of the delivery widget.

Based on the type of the delivery widget.

There is 3 type of delivery.
i) Local Delivery
ii) Store Pickup
iii) Shipping

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