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App Plan

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The developer preview store and test Mode are available for free.
You must use Cirkle as your first name with a test mode to test the app on your Shopify store.

In the developer preview or the test mode, our live chat is available to help you understand the app and set the rules.

You can book a demo meeting here https://www.cirklestudio.co/helpdesk/book-a-demo/

Below are the plan details.

1) SHIPPING ($9.99/month) 30 days free trial

  • Shipping rates by Zipcode
  • Product Shipping by Tag
  • Rate Modifier, Tier Rate Pricing
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Unlimited Shipping Rates Create

2) DELIVERY DATE ($14.99/month) 30 days free trial

  • Store Pickup, Local Delivery, Delivery Date
  • Delivery Date Picker and Time Slots
  • Order Limit per day/time slot
  • Calendar/Order Tag/Emails

3) SHIPPING WITH DELIVERY DATE ($19.99/month) 30 days free trial

  • All Features Included Shipping rates and delivery date
  • Distance-Based Shipping Rates
  • Modify/Conditional Shipping based on Delivery Date

NOTE: We have some addons which help you to make more customization. Try that now.

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