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Map Styling

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– You can easily choose your own custom Pin. Just upload your pin on the files under settings. Copy the image URL and paste it here.

Different settings like:

  • Enable Fullscreen
    When enabled, visitors will be able to toggle between full-screen maps.
  • Enable Clickable Icons
    When enabled, visitors can click on different points of interest on the map. Your own locations are always clickable!
  • Enable Clustering
    When enabled, map markers may be combined into a single cluster with a counter if the map is zoomed too much out.
  • Enable Map Type Control
    When enabled, visitors will be able to toggle between map types (such as Map and Satellite).
  • Enable Zoom Control
    When enabled, This control will be visible and appear near the bottom right of the map.
  • Enable Scale Control
    When enabled, visitors will see a simple map scale(on the bottom right of the map).
  • Enable StreetView Control
    When enabled. users will be able to activate Street View Panoramas.
  • Market Height and width
    Set your pin height and width.
  • Custom JSON for MAP styling

How to create a design JSON for MAP?
Step 1: Select your design from here.

Step 2: Click on the Finish Button and in the popup you can see the JSON data.

Copy it and paste it on

Now the map is displayed with the new styling.

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