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Conditional Emails  (New Feature)

Eye icon5644 Views Watch iconApril 04, 2021

Based on a selection of Radio/Checkbox/Selectbox App will send you an email. Like Select box with Sales, Technical, General. If the user chooses Sales then an email will send to the Sales department. If choose Technical then an email will send to the Technical department.

When you add one of the select from the list you can see a popup where you add the field name and the options. Like below

After adding your options you can see below “Conditional Email” checkbox.

Just checked it and you will see all the options which you add for the field. Just add your email based on user selection. Like here in the example you can see I create two options one is Sales and one is Technical so I see two input fields.
Email for Sales
Email for Technical

Just add your email where you want to send an email on the input box when the user chooses the value.

Now when the user selects “Sales” then an email will be sent to “[email protected]” and if the user selects Technical then an email will be sent to “[email protected]

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